Our Missions Philosophy and Strategy

Our understanding of missions is to be on mission with God and for His glory. For that reason we like to say that in missions we are sent out by the Spirit, in the Son, and for the glory of the Father.

Our strategy is found in Acts 1:8 when Jesus told His disciples that they would be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. We follow that same command today. We recognize our Jerusalem as Kingsland, where we live. Our Judea is the area of Texas/Mexico. Our Samaria is our nation, the United States, and the ends of the earth are the rest of the nations of the world. We also try to balance the type of mission activity in order to minister to the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. In each of those categories, we share the gospel of the grace of God with love.

For example, some of our mission work is construction work on houses because people need shelter. Some is for the food, clothing, and medical needs of the body. Other work is in mentoring children on Wednesday afternoons after school as well as teaching pastors and church leaders in Uganda. All of it shares the spiritual message of the love of God through faith in Jesus Christ, God’s Son, and His great salvation on the cross to save us from the penalty of our sins, the power of sin, and one day from the very presence of sin! The gospel is the message of every aspect of our mission work.

We also recognize the priority of relationships in all of our mission work. The gospel is about a new relationship with the Father through a personal faith and relationship with the Son. Our desire is to develop new and lasting relationships with the people we serve. With that in mind, when we go somewhere it is for the purpose of going back and having meaningful and lasting relationships with the people.


Mission Opportunities


  • Faith Families on Wednesday afternoons and evening.
  • Sharing the Harvest on Thursday mornings.
  • The King’s Closet on Thursday mornings.
  • The King’s Garden
  • Weekly Bible studies at Wind Chime Retirement Center.
  • Mission Kingsland – visiting our neighbors in Kingsland
  • Seasonal: Vacation Bible School, Upward Basketball, Camps, youth events, special events.



  • Mission trip to Quemado, Texas on the border.


United States:

  • Mission trip to Pine Ridge, South Dakota to the Lakota Sioux Indian Reservation.


  • Mission trip to Haiti.
  • Mission trip to Uganda.
  • Mission work in India.
  • Mission work in Mexico.
  • Mission work in Peru.

2016 Monthly Mission Offering Emphases:

Each month, we encourage people to give a “tithe of their tithe” to missions, or 10% of the 10% they give to the general offering (ex. $100 tithe – give an additional $10 to missions). We have a specific emphasis each month and all of the funds designated for missions are given to that mission effort. “Direct Missions” is our general mission fund that is used for requests made for funding individual and group mission trips and other specific mission projects.

January               Highland Lakes Camp & Conference Center (Spicewood)

February             Pine Ridge Reservation

March                   North American Missions – Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

April                      Children’s/ Pre-Teen Camp Scholarships

May                        Quemado Mission Trip       

June                      Direct Missions

July                        Christian Women’s Job Corps (Burnet)

August                  Direct Missions

September           State Missions – Mary Hill Davis Offering

October                 Highland Lakes Pregnancy Center

November            Direct Missions

December             International Missions – Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

For more information or to get involved, please email Pastor Bubba Stahl or call the church office at (325) 388-4507.